The Trading Financial Markets: One Day Workshop is designed to give you the essentials needed to start your journey in the financial markets.

You will learn about trading the various markets including currencies, commodities and indices.

This one day intensive session will arm you with the key factors used by major market players in assessing their positions and help you gain a solid grasp of the event driven modern market place.

In this workshop I will aim to help you:

  • Understand market fundamentals
  • Learn how to trade news driven events in today’s markets
  • Develop the essential technical trading techniques
  • Learn the key concepts in creating effective strategies
  • Understand the ways your psychology can affect your trading

Contrary to what you may read on other sites, there are no secrets and there is no holy grail technique to trading.

This workshop aims to lay the essential information out in a clear and accessible way, without the sales pitches and claims of making unlimited wealth overnight.

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